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Compression Spring

Compression Springs are also called as helical springs. We manufacture compression springs with the customer input data like end types, raw material, od, length, etc. We manufacture these in small and large volume on CNC and automatic machines. We also manufacture conical/taper compression springs. Our range of manufacturing these springs are from 0.3 – 6mm wire diameter.

We also manufacture custom springs beyond 6 mm on request from the customer.

Applications – Automobile/Electrical/Medical/General Machinery use.

Tension Springs

Tension spring are basically compression springs with zero pitch. In these springs all the coils are joined w/o each other. We make these springs from 0.3 – 6mm wire diameter. Tension spring with hooks are also called as extension springs.

Application – Welding machine torches, Cover for flux mould.

Spring Liners

Spring Liners (Wire Spirals) are tension springs. These springs are as long as few meters in length and they have a very small diameter. These springs are also coated in different colors.

Application-Welding machine torches.

Red Wire Liners

Spring Liners are types of round wire tension springs having a long length. Red liners are the one having a red coating on it.

Black Liners

Spring Liners are types of round wire tension springs having a long length.Black liners are the one having a black coating on it.

Flat wire liners

These wire liners are made up of flat stainless steel wire.They can be coated as per customer requirement.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are a type of tension springs with hook at the types. The hook are designed as per the application. We manufacture these springs from 0.8 m – 6 mm wire diameter.

Single Hook Extension Spring

Tension spring where only one hook is present on both the sides is known as single hook extension springs.

Double hook extension spring

Tension spring where two hooks are present on both the sides are known as double hook extension springs.Double hook provides extra strength to the spring.

Torsion Springs

Helical springs that are used to apply a torque or store rotational energy; springs that works by a torsion or twisting are termed as torsion springs. They can store and release energy or statically hold a mechanism in place.

Applications – Clips, doors, locks and others..

Special Springs


Circlips are used for locking the movement of a rotating part in the mechanical industry.

There are manufactured in half round and full round types as desired.


Clamps are used for clamping ,they are used to curb the movement of a part.

Custom Springs

Springs which are made to suit your bespoke requirements.